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8 WEEKS ART COURSE from January to April 2019 for Beginners and Improvers (Adults and Older Youth)
8 weeks (including art classes indoor and outdoor*, individual artistic consultation and the Art Show at the end of the Art Course)
*Outdoor Art Class: depends on the weather condition, otherwise indoor - Life drawing (most locations in Donabate and close area: seascape & landscape, parks (park in Donabate, Malahide Castle), Botanic Garden, Street Life - Architecture Life Drawing & Painting, museums)

Professional Drawing and Painting ART COURSE

Dates of Art Classes on Saturdays** from 1pm to 3pm***

January 2019
Week 1: 19th January Saturday 1pm-3pm
Week 2: 26th January Saturday 1pm-3pm

February 2019
Week 3: 9th February Saturday 1pm-3pm
Week 4: 23rd February Saturday 1pm-3pm

March 2019
Week 5: 9th March Saturday 1pm-3pm
Week 6: 23rd March Saturday 1pm-3pm

April 2019
Week 7: 6th April Saturday 1pm-3pm
Week 8: 13th April Saturday 1pm-3pm

**Above dates might be rescheduled according to individual needs of majority of Art Students. There is possibility of individual art class & additional consultation in case of missing the class {bank holidays weekends are excluded}; if you miss a class because of personal reasons there is the possibility of individual additional art consultations free of charge in preferable time and location
***(the art class can extend to 3:20 pm with short 15 min tea break, depending on art students' preferences) 

Professional Drawing and Painting Art Course is based on Fine Arts and Design Education Progress and progresses to the higher levels of expanding artistic knowledge and artistic skills:

Level 1 - Topic: Art World Can Be Yours - learning how to draw and paint
Professional Drawing and Painting Art Course Extends to:
Level 2 - Topic: Becoming Truly Artist - learning advanced techniques of drawing and painting, Date to be Announced
Level 3 - Topic: Be Noticed as Artist - expanding drawing and painting - Date to be Announced

Art Course fee covers most of the Professional high-quality Art Materials. Additionally, each student gets professional, high-quality paper art sketchbook to be taken home to practice sketching, drawing, and painting as a part of the homework exercises.
Each student buys individually additional mediums depending on the individual preferences after the first class.

Fee for 8 weeks Art Course: €289

Single drop-in class: €50 - to be purchased only as an additional class to the full payment

Full Art Course for 2 with 10% discount - 10% off for your friend, family member, who joins with you

Course is limited to 8 students only.

*Terms and conditions apply:  Because we (Hasnik Art School, myself and staff) love to see people succeed in Art World we do not offer refunds. Instead, we pledge to support YOU through the rough patches in gaining Art Skills, accomplishing Artworks Projects in timeframes and generally supporting YOU in Life in a way that is necessary for YOU to be successful as Artist. Accordingly, our fees are non-refundable. Our guarantee is to provide YOU with all the support and guidance YOU need to be successful to become who you always wanted to be and who you already are deep inside - an Artist. 

Over the sessions of The Professional Art Course we will cover as follows:

1. The foundation of drawing and painting.
2. Understanding that the world is created by lines and shapes - see the surroundings through creator's eyes.
3. Using the color wheel - primary and secondary colors according to various theories and sciences.
4. Using mid-tones, shadows, lighting - without the light nothing exists - just darkness.
5. The core of the perspective and the golden proportions.
6. Practical learning of using various mediums from pencils, color pencils, chalks, inks, fine markers, artistic markers, fine markers, watercolors, acrylics, gouache, oils.
7. Drawing and painting - various topics as still-life, portraits, landscape, life drawing, and photocopy drawing.
8. Using various techniques of texture: smooth & 3D surface as an interesting aspect of bringing up artwork.
9. Using various artwork surface as canvas, paper, cardboard etc.
10. Creating realistic and abstract artworks depending on your individual preferences.
11. Using Mix Media - The Fun of Collage.
12. How to create the illustration and the poster - Final Theme Project.
13. Free drawing - various artistic techniques to set yourself free from unnecessary negative self-criticism.
14. Nowadays technology - how can it be used in the practical learning and creating art.

1. How to get the inspiration instead of directly copying - the difference between being inspired and coping someone else's artworks. 
2. Discovering your uniqueness as a key to creativity - Be You!
3. Various practical exercises of drawing and painting techniques to reach your individual potential - Choose You!
4. Receiving and giving constructive feedbacks to unleash your talent.
5. Difference between feedbacks and criticism - which does serve better?

1. Understanding the art world fundamental principles.
2. Various art styles and schools over centuries.
3. Which style, technique and school of art apply to you the most - follow your guts. 
4. Differences between artist and art craft maker - Who do you want to be? Discover who are you drawn to be as there is a big difference between these two.
5. How your present profession and lifestyle can help you become more of who you naturally are in the art world.
6. The importance of the regular practice - how to set up good habits and build it up the good skills in a short period of time.
7. The importance of feeling the flow of art production - Various tricks of the most successful people.
8. Fear VS Courage - How not to be afraid anymore of your true desires and personal needs to create your own masterpieces. 
9. Start to build up your Art Portfolio.
10. Be recognized outside - the importance of the Social Media, Advertising Yourself, Online Galleries, Selling Your Artwork first to your loved ones, soon after on the art markets and in the galleries. 

1. Weekly given home-work on various topics.
2. Individual consultations (via email, during class and at the break time).
3. Laziness VS Motivation - how to encourage yourself and see the benefits of the long-term purpose of a short small effort on daily basis.
4. Instead of the same way of spending time with yourself, family, friends bring something new to your own circle and life - Bring Art.
5. Much more... ie. group's needs, wishes, and desires.

ARTIST'S BIO few words about Your Art Teacher:
Katarzyna has BH degree in Art and Design (Level 8) and over the years she has been teaching art, drawing, and painting to various age groups. She encourages her students to participate in art projects and she organized art show exhibitions for her youngest and older students. She believes that creativity has various meanings and ways of being explored, expanded and one of many of them is art. She says: "By awakening your own creativity, you touch your soul. Who are you if you do not touch your soul? Just flesh and bones?". She has amazing teaching skills and even those who have certain doubts about their artistic abilities start to believe in themselves as she awakens them to their own creative potential. She is creative graphic designer and artist. She explores various techniques and media from manual to digital. Across years she changed styles by expanding and exploring her view on art and life. Nowadays, she finds herself as an artist in the small illustrations and the canvas paintings size around 5"5 x 5"5 ft (160 cm 160 cm). She also uses Adobe and Corel designers programs, for example, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, SketchBook. Recently she was exhibited in New York during the Art Show (2018); Art Show in Basel, Switzerland, Film Base and Gallery X in Dublin, Ireland (2017). Her favorite mediums at the moment are oils, acrylic, inks, Gouache, watercolors and artistic watercolor markers. She also loves black and white photography ranging from mystical landscapes in the fog to people resting or working in the daily life situations. She also likes to explore arranged photography, which she uses as a base for her ideas for the paintings from impressionism to the surrealistic abstracts.

Katarzyna Hasnik by phone: 0871640071 or by email:

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