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Sound Healing Bath

Sound Bath evening with Martina and Robert.

Schedule of the evening:
Introduction - 5min
Relaxing Yoga Nidra - 10min
Group energy healing and individual aura&chakra cleaning - 30 min
Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Therapy - 60 min
Sharing experiences while we drinking traditional Mediterranean herbal tea - 15min

More about Sound Therapy:
A Sound Bath is an experience of sound and vibration. It`s form of meditation where participants rest on their backs and listen to the sound. Tibetan Singing bowls and gong will be placed on the body or near the body and rhythmically tapped with a felt mallet to create vibration which induce the brain to move into the deeper Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies. Sound penetrates deeply and activates self healing mechanism, effectively dissolving physical, mental & emotional blockages. Sound of the singing bowls facilitates deep relaxation, expansion of consciousness, opens body’s entire energetic system and promotes healing on all levels. 

During the session we are going to use several energy techniques like Reiki to gently balance and energize your body.


- Dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit
- Increases energy levels
- Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension
- Clears the mind and improves focus
- Removes energy blockages, bringing the body into balance
- Helps to relieve pain
- Removes toxins
- Gives boost to the immune system
- Balancing emotions
- Promotes creativity
- Supports most medical treatments and healing processes

About therapists (see the link below - scroll to the bottom):

- dress in comfortable clothing and prepare for a new experience
- don't eat too heavy meay for at least 2hours prior to the session
- drinking plenty of water after the session is very helpful in detoxification process

Price: 20 Eur for 2hour session

Places limited to 10 persons per session

For more information or booking please contact Community Well at:

Later Event: January 15
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