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Make Room for Silence - Active Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Katarzyna

Make a room in your mind by inviting silence – Active Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class with Katarzyna

Join the 4 week course on Thursdays in November starting from 9th of November, every Thursday at 6:30 pm in Community Well Donabate, Co. Dublin

Is your mind occupied with too many thoughts? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you worry a lot?
How to recognise, which thoughts are taking over your inner voice and which are serving your inner being?

Certain hormones invoke certain emotions and influence our moods. 
Recognise them and be in charge of them knowing that you are more than your body, mind, emotions, thoughts and there is so much more than our 5 senses can notice.

Learn the best possible way to deal with stress by practical, easy to follow meditation, which will invite silence as your best friend and space in your mind as your best companion.

During Vinyasa Yoga class your body will get boost of energy - you will feel fresh, active and energised on the physical level - and during meditation your mind will become still, quite and peaceful.

As a part of this course you will learn various breathing techniques (pranayama) as conscious breathing is the best practice to allow thoughts to really slow down. Paranyama practice will benefit your whole physical and mental body.

During physical practice we focus mainly this month on strengthening and conditioning to warm up body through flowing sequence. Some of the asanas (yoga poses) will link the movement with various breathing techniques.

Join November Yoga and Meditation with Pranayma and warm yourself up... as winter is coming :)

Price of the course: 50eur for 4 weeks

To register your interest please contact Katarzyna by phone 0871640071 or email at

Later Event: November 10
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