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Wellness Yoga and Mindful Meditation with Katarzyna

Wellness Yoga and Mindful Meditation

May's Topic: Self-Confidence vs Arrogance

Your mind is asking you for more in life, your heart is asking for more in life. Your Inner Being - You - is asking for more in life. Does it? I hear your answer - YES.

Are you confident to reach the fullness in your life?
I am a true believer that meditation is the key to all situations, to the physical, mental and emotional well-being. The process of slowing down thoughts, observing them, letting go of the resistance, letting go of the control and trusting in your own process of achieving and healing. Recognizing own thoughts is the key to success, fulfillment, health, happiness, and peace.

Wellness Yoga & Mindful Meditation focuses on the work of the body to open, become more flexible, to allow with each breath be in the receptive mode and feel where is a need to move energy to become more of who you already are, not only in the physical aspect but also emotional.

When we recognize thoughts, we can guide them. If we do not know what is going on in our mind and thinking process, the mind is just jumping from the memory to the future, from obstacle to the problem-solving. When we become in charge of our own thoughts we can receive real answers and let them flow through you.

Path of less resistance is ease, there is no rush on the yoga mat. Let the inner being in you guide you while you practice Asanas and meditate, observing your mind. Let the body take a step to be more flexible, stretch and have a deep rest after.

Yoga is all about releasing the resistance through the breath while doing exercise with the body. That’s the true core of each asana. The Asana of Mind is also about that. You are beautiful, wonderful person. That's the core of meditation - to be the extension of beautiful Life, which we all create together.

Dates in May for Thursdays:
10th of May
17th of May
31st of May

3 weeks €40 Course Drop in €15

Booking Via community well website or at the yoga class.

For more information contact Katarzyna, Wellness Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Holistic Therapist or 0871640071