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Art Course for Adults - Awakening the Creativity Within

During this 4 week course we will explore the meaning of beauty that is outside and inside us. We will be sourcing inspiration from world around us and within us and then expressing it trough painting, drawing and mixed media artwork. Through this creative expression you will learn how to open yourself and receive the gifts that Beauty brings. There is no emphasis on technique or skill and no artistic experience is required. 

Workshop 1 – The Journey begins - Awakening the Senses

Workshop 2 – Perfection of Nature - Light and Darkness

Workshop 3 – The Miracle of Our Body - Pain and Joy

Workshop 4 – Being the Artist - Looking for Inspiration

Course cost is 60eur and includes all art tools and materials

Course starts on Wednesday 15th of March at 11am. Each workshop is 2hour long

For more information or to book please contact Magda by:

Mobile: 087 32 67 237