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Active Vinyasa Yoga with Introduction to Lucid Dreams Meditation

Active Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Katarzyna - 5 week Course with Introduction to Lucid Dreams Meditation

Are you aware that we spend one third of our lives sleeping? 

During the sleep we can not only restore and relax fully but we can influence the course of our dreams, overcoming our fears, weaknesses and limitations if we prepare for it properly.

The moment before going to sleep is very important but unfortunately nowadays we don't put too much attention to preparation for sleep. We fall asleep with laptops, mobiles and TV screens in front of our eyes and because of that we don't really rest our minds and bodies during the night, awakening only to feel more physically tired and mentally overloaded.

Katarzyna will help you to prepare your body for the night rest through active vinyasa yoga class and she will guide you through science of lucid dreaming to help you with falling asleep, dreaming and awakening with awareness.

Full five week course: 60eur
Drop-in: 12eur

For more information please contact Katarzyna @