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From Movement Into Stillness - 4 week yoga course for beginners

4 week course for beginners starting 5th of September

This 4 week course is inspired by Meg McCraken - wonderful yoga teacher - whose classes and workshops aim to discover that inner peaceful presence that is often covered and muted by noisy, stressful and busy life styles in which we are caught up in our daily run.  

During these 4 sessions you will be invited to slow way down and to unwrap your body, mind and life from perpetually tightening knots of stress and dis-ease. Take refuge in liberating movement, calm the mind, restore vitality and tap into your own deep internal wisdom. 

This course is suitable for all levels of students but is especially intended for beginners.

4 week course: 40eur

Drop in: 15eur

For more information please contact Magda: mobile: 0873267237