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Yoga in Digital Age - Workshop with Cora

Yoga workshop 

Date: 10th of March

Time: 2pm-4.30pm

During this class Cora will be showing how to release tension in neck, shoulders, back, and hips, as a result of excess stress, anxiety, or perhaps a sedentary job. As someone who commutes by car, sits at a desk all day, works on laptop and phone, Cora designed this workshop to focus on exercises and stretches that she has found personally to work for her, and which she includes in her regular practice. The poses aim to release the physical effects of a desk based job that can be carried out easily each day, without always having to find time to roll out the mat. The intention is to demonstrate how you can integrate Yoga into your everyday life, no matter where you are, or how much time you have to practice. Come and have some fun on the mat!

Cost: €25pp. There is a €10 deposit required to reserve a place. Places limited to maximum 8 (minimum 4).

For more information or to reserve a place please contact Cora at:

Mobile: 087 804 9818