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Supporting Your Yoga Practice - self-practice drop-in classes

Self practice yoga classes start on Tuesday 8.15pm from 24th of July

If you would like to practise yoga sharing common space, respecting your own pace and choosing sequence that suits your body & mind with a group of like-minded people who are willing to dedicate their time to deepen their yoga practice, then this class is something for you. 

We will practise together but move at our own individual pace, following set sequence of poses or choosing to practice your own way, listening to what your body and mind needs on the day, at the very moment of being on the mat. This practice aims to give you confidence in your own ability to listen to and honour your body, mind and soul.

Your teacher will be there to support you in your practice and assist you if you would like to deepen the practice by learning new pose, breathing technique or meditation.

Class begins with short introduction usually in form of reading from yogic text and is followed by centering, warm up, sequence of poses of your choice, ending with meditative relaxation.

Cost of the class: 10eur (this is drop-in class but as the space is limited it's essential to book your place in advance)

To register your interest or inquire please contact Magda @ 087 326 72 37