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Moving Free from Pain - Somatic Movement Workshop

Moving Free from Pain - Somatic Movement Workshop

Saturday June 29th

From 10.30am-1.30pm

Duration: 3 hours

Would you like to have less muscle and joint pain?

Do you feel stiff and tight all the time?

Would you like to move more freely and comfortably?

Would you like to experience deep relaxation?

If you answered yes to these questions then the Moving Free from Pain Workshop is for you.

Come along and learn:

*How stress, accidents, injuries and surgeries can cause our muscles to become stiff and tight.

*Why stretching doesn’t work to alleviate stiff, tight muscles.

*The Somatic approach to muscle pain relief and movement, and how it differs from traditional modalities.

*How to use your brain and nervous system to unlock muscle tension quickly and easily.

*A basic routine of safe, gentle Somatic movements you can practice anytime to release and relax your entire body.

Come along and discover the neuroscience behind Somatic Education, and experience first hand the simplicity and power of Somatic Movements. No stretching, no forcing, just less pain, better movement and deep relaxation.

Workshop Outline:

Part 1: Soothe your Back Muscles

Part 2: Relax your Belly and Free your Breathing

Part 3: Release your waist for Freer more comfortable Walking

Support material provided.

Book now to ensure your place. You have nothing to lose except your pain!

Cost: €50

To book please contact Colm @ 085 834 6462 or register online here: