Meet the team at Donabate's Community Well

Lynn Pepper, Massage Therapist

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My background is in Spa Therapy where in worked in a number of leading hotel Spas. I have over 16 years and hundreds of hours experience in deeply relaxing massage, facials etc.

Later in my career I wanted to add to my skill set and Shiatsu really appealed to me. The energy based side to the treatment alone is amazing but it also complements my own massage and gave it a more well rounded, holistic element. So in 2013 I began the 3 year Shiatsu diploma and qualified in 2016. I am also a member of the Shiatsu Society of Ireland.

I provide services at the beautiful space in the Community Well and I also provide a mobile service in the comfort of your own home. (Hot Stone massage not available mobile).

Contact: 085 7350 925

Caroline Mc Donagh DHN, DHPM, MIAHM, LCSi, Holistic and Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Psychotherapist, Health Coach, Life Coach, NLP Corporate Coach, Practitioner of Holistic Preventative Medicine, Yoga Teacher


Caroline Mc Donagh DHN, DHPM, MIAHM, LCSi, is an experienced Holistic and Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Psychotherapist, Health Coach,  Life Coach and NLP Corporate Coach. She is also a practitioner of Holistic Preventative Medicine and a Yoga Teacher. She lectures on Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching Diploma courses. She is a Corporate Trainer and has worked as a nutrition advisor and trainer to staff of health stores and gyms. She has also taught health cookery courses. Caroline is an active member of the Irish Association of Holistic Medicine.  She has featured on TV shows in Ireland as an expert in both Nutrition and Life Coaching including a transformational series with experts such as Dr Patrick Holford. She has a regular Nutrition slot on radio and frequently writes articles for the print media.

She is a passionate, dynamic and entertaining, inspirational speaker, motivating people by her clear and powerful presentations. Her accomplishments in this area include speaking at high profile events alongside Sir Bob Geldof, Jason Vale and other internationally acclaimed speakers.

Caroline sees clients in her clinic in Dublin on a one-to-one basis where she designs personally-tailored healthy eating plans which can help with many health concerns including Weight Management, Healthy Fat and Inch loss, Cholesterol, Arthritis, Bowel and Digestive Disorders, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, Skin conditions, Men, Women’s and Children’s Health, Boosting the Immune System, Detoxification, Sports Nutrition, Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition, Food Intolerances, Osteoporosis etc . She also conducts Life Coaching and Health Coaching sessions which can include guided relaxation where appropriate. Consultations and coaching sessions  are also available via video link (e.g Skype etc). She holds workshops, seminars and courses incorporating her many disciplines.

Caroline has a strong understanding of natural healing and holistic success approaches from her studies in these and related areas and also from her own experience. Due to a serious illness in her late teens Caroline set about investigating the whole area of Holistic and Complementary Medicine, Nutrition and Mind-training. She went on to make a complete recovery. As a result of this she felt compelled to use what she had experienced and learnt to help others and so began extensive studies in these areas, leading to her numerous qualifications.

Because of her own experiences and the results achieved by her clients, Caroline is a firm believer in the innate healing ability, power and potential of the person and feels that the right mental attitude, diet, exercise and relaxation programme can make a huge difference to a person’s overall state of health, well-being and enjoyment of life.

For further information email Caroline at

Or phone 0876209066

Mary Gunning - Yoga & Meditation teacher; Holistic Therapist; Expedition Trek Leader


My name is Mary. I'm a Yoga & Meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner, Sound healer, Aromatherapist and Expedition trek leader. I'm passionate about nature, travel and a lover of life. My background is as an Outdoor Adventure Sports instructor  - teaching mountain navigation, hill-walking skills, kayaking, rock climbing, first aid, orienteering, sailing & camp skills. I set up holisticlife in order to help people live a balanced life. People are getting busier and are losing their connection with nature and themselves. I believe that it's important to pause and reflect in order to be able to reconnect. I hope to provide a physical time and space for that and to be a vehicle for information and self reflection. As a Sound therapist and Yoga teacher, I love providing a safe space for people to 'Just Be' and to share in their journey to question, to nourish compassion, kindness and self acceptance. My aim is to get people to slow down from the fast pace life we live in - and to not be so hard on themselves! I teach Yin, Restorative, Hatha and Vinayasa Yoga. I’m not super bendy (it’s all that hill-walking!) and I can’t do lots of postures yet - or ever and that's ok. Yoga is not about that. This is where I teach yoga from. I think that there’s a perception out there that you have to be super skinny, flexible, fit, great balance etc,etc, to do yoga. No! - Being the opposite of all that- is exactly why you should practice! It’s called a practice for a reason - it’s not about the end result. It’s just you and your mat - with no strings attached or expectations.

Available for Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Reiki. Workshops, Retreats, Groups, One to one.

To contact Mary visit her website:

Call: 0876757001
Message and follow Mary on facebook DM and follow Mary on instagram



Nadine is from Malahide originally. Having spent 19 years overseas working in the developing world on HIV, gender-based violence and education, she came back to Donabate in 2010. She has worked extensively with NGOs around the world, in the private sector, the UN and the World Health Organization and lectures with various academic institutions in Ireland.

She is qualified as a Certified Facilitator of Byron Katie, an Executive and Life Coach and holding an MSc in Global Health. Nadine is particularly passionate and skilled in working with people helping them find and question the thoughts, beliefs and barriers that limit them achieving their full potential and keeps them stuck in their lives and helping them move forward. She does that with leaders, organisations, teams, groups, individuals and couples. 

She works with individuals and couples on all life issues ranging from relationships, work, career, trauma, divorce, grief, finances and basically anything that would cause stress, pain or present a block to moving forward. She runs workshops and retreats in Ireland and in Ubud, Bali that combine The Work of Byron Katie, yoga, nutrition, sound healing and more.

She believes strongly in giving back and has recently founded a non-profit The Work for Change focused on self-stigma and shame affecting people living with HIV, survivors of gender-based violence and sex workers. She has two beautiful children, speaks French and Thai (bizarrely), has lots of energy for life, loves people, playing music, travel, learning new things, taking beautiful photos - vulnerability and connection.

You can make an appointment with Nadine as follows. The first meeting will be a 30-minute phone consultation @ €20 to discuss the support you need.  Following that she will suggest an approach in terms of the number of sessions required and you can see how that fits.

Working with individuals:

• One hour session: 100euros

• Four-session package: 380euros (95euros/session)

• Ten-session package: 850euros (85euros/session)

Working with couples:

• Five 1.5 hour sessions (individual sessions each followed by three joint sessions) Cost: 550euros

More information on working with couples here

Email: or phone +353 (0) 868192324 Location: Skype, Whats Ap or face-to-face

Read more about Nadine, her work and her events here:

Kathleen Keogh life coach & Reiki Practitioner


Kathleen is a highly-skilled, intuitive and experienced Life Coach and is passionate about supporting people in understanding and achieving personal goals.  Kathleen is quietly confident and relishes the opportunity in supporting individuals towards positive change.  Originally from Galway, Kathleen returned from four years in the Caribbean in 2017 to settle back into life in Donabate.  Kathleen’s background is in business where she has led teams in delivering projects in Europe, the US & the Caribbean.  She is very aware of the demands on individuals working in Corporate environments and the challenges of stress, job fulfilment and work-life balance. She is committed to the philosophy of lifelong learning and is intuitive in using various tools and techniques in her coaching practice to support her client’s needs best. 

Kathleen holds a BA in English, Sociology & Politics from NUIG, a diploma in Business from UL, an MBA from Oxford Brookes University and a Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching from the Coaching and Mentoring Partnership.  She is a member of the European Coaching and Mentoring Council.  She has also completed Reiki 1 and 2 training. 

In her spare time, Kathleen loves be in nature.  She believes in equality and the importance of family and work life balance & understands the struggles of juggling career and motherhood.  She enjoys reading; whether it be biographies, fiction or self-development books.  She loves fashion, to eat but not to cook and socialising with friends and family.

You can make an appointment with Kathleen as follows.  The first meeting will be a 30-minute consultation @ €20 to discuss the support you need.  Thereafter, she’ll suggest an approach in terms of the number of sessions required etc. and it’s up to you to decide on whether to proceed.  Each Coaching session is €100., 01 6854240,  or WhatsApp 087 7676704.  


Cora is both wonderful person and yoga teacher. She was first introduced to yoga as part of a Health & Wellness program through her job in the Software Industry over 20 years ago. She felt the benefits from that very first class, and she has been hooked ever since.
Over the years yoga has not only helped her physically, but also as a way to manage stress, and to maintain internal balance. 
In recent years she decided to become a teacher in order to deepen her practice and knowledge of this ancient tradition. She trained with group of amazing teachers at Yoga Therapy Ireland and she is truly honored to now share the benefits and practice to others who can also enjoy the inclusive nature of yoga. Come and join her on the mat!

Córa Garvey, 500 Hrs Yoga Teacher with Yoga Therapy Ireland
Mobile 087 804 9818 (text or whatsapp)

Laura flynn, Yoga TeACHER

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Laura is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher from Dublin. She has been practicing yoga for over six years. By day, Laura works as a Medical Scientist. Initially, Laura turned to yoga for the physical benefits. It wasn’t long before she realised that the physical asanas are only one aspect of yoga and started noticing the benefits of yoga on the mind, using meditation to find grounding in this hectic world we now live in.

For Laura yoga is about creativity and self-expression. It is a time for the mind and the body to come together and be present. It is a time to honour our bodies and nourish our souls.  Laura believes that every body is different and she enjoys working with props and using modifications in her practice to make her classes accessible to all.

‘Yoga is the sunshine in my day, no matter what the weather.’

Contact Laura Flynn for booking and enquiries:

Mobile: 0874149196



katarzyna hasnik - yoga & meditation teacher, artist & holistic therapist

Katarzyna is Enthusiastic Citizen of Planet Earth. You will immediately feel her positive energy as she spreads her love for life through her inner happiness and peace. She inspires others to cultivate positive attitude by observing thoughts, guiding our emotions and becoming the best version of ourselves. To make a change in our world, we first start with ourselves. As we start with ourselves, we inspire others by our own example. 

By accepting constant changes and appreciating present moment, she learns how life can be beautiful and wonderful journey despite of all the difficulties, which are nothing but the lessons from which we learn the most.  

She started her journey with yoga at very young age. She became qualified yoga and pilates teacher in her early twenties and she continues to follow never ending story of learning, exploring and developing herself by gaining education in holistic therapies, psychology, ancient philosophy, natural medicine and neuroscience. 

She is empowering Yoga teacher of various styles, from which Vinyasa is her favourite as she experiences in it very powerful flow of Prana and reconnection with Kundalini life force. After her class you will feel empowered and at the same time deeply relaxed as Katarzyna pays great attention to mindfulness, meditation, pranayama and relaxation techniques. She believes that everything starts first with our thoughts.

She loves nature and promotes healthy life style by following diet full in greens which she tries to grow on her own. She really loves life on Earth and all it has to offer taking part in all outdoor activities like sailing, surfing, hiking and horse riding. All that she experiences is expressed in her paintings and drawings which she plans to exhibit in art galleries.

Katarzyna's teachings are meant to awaken healing power that lies within you. She believes that by bringing balance and creativity to our busy lives, paying attention to the present moment, our emotions, feelings and thoughts we can fully reconnect and transform our life into happier, much easier and more peaceful experience.

She transformed many lives by being there for others in non judgmental, honest and loving way. She realised that when you stop rushing and observe, you can choose wisely your thoughts and emotions and listen to your inner voice. In that moment with big honest smile you can live not there and then, but here and now. 

To contact Katarzyna please email or call: 0871640071 

Mairead O’Keeffe, Mindfulness Facilitator

Mairead completed the 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course in 2010 and found it changed her life. She has been practising meditation ever since, attending weekly drop-in meditation classes and going on retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh, a leader in the area of Mindfulness. In her own life she has found Mindfulness very helpful for dealing with anxiety and an active mind.

In January 2016 Mairead resigned as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (her former profession) and commenced teacher training with The Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches, where she will qualify as an MBSR teacher in June 2017. There is a huge emphasis in the course on the teacher’s personal practice which Mairead finds challenging at times but essential for the teaching of Mindfulness.

Mairead O’Keeffe Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches

Phone: 087 273 0679 Email:

Emma Williamson, Chartered Physiotherapist:

Pilates Instructor with a Special Interest in Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates

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Emma Williamson graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science in 2007, followed by an MSc in Physiotherapy in 2009. She has worked as a Chartered Physiotherapist with the NHS in Scotland and the HSE in Ireland across a broad range of areas.
Pilates is often combined with physiotherapy to help people improve balance, strength, posture and flexibility. Emma has trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), taking a particular interest in antenatal and postnatal Pilates following the birth of her first daughter in 2015.

To contact Emma call or email: 


 MAGDA DZIECIUCHOWICZ: YOGA teacher, holistic Therapist


Magda is a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist for children and adults. Her love for nature made her to choose the path of yoga, vegetarianism and holistic health. She is curious of the world and the nature of human mind and heart and that curiosity takes her on a never-ending journey of learning, exploring and studying the secrets of ancient yogic and mindfulness teachings.

Everything Magda learns she shares on her classes in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Through her classes, workshops and treatments Magda encourages to slow down, re-focus and re-discover deeper meaning in our everyday lives. 

To contact Magda call or email: 0873267237

colm mcdonnell: Clinical somatic movement

Colm is a fully Certified Clinical Somatic Educator and Somatic Movement Coach. He also has qualifications in Massage Therapy (ITEC) and Sports Injury Therapy (NSRT). It is his mission to teach people how they can regain and maintain good quality, pain free movement through Clinical Somatic Education and a daily Somatic Movement practice.

A youth spent training in several different Martial Arts developed a keen interest in all things relating to human movement and health. He discovered Clinical Somatics (aka Hanna Somatics) through his own issues with injuries and pain. He has found Clinical Somatic Education to be the safest, simplest and quickest way to eliminate pain and restore good movement quality in all populations. Somatics uses neurological principles and simple techniques to take advantage of how the brain and nervous system controls muscle length and tension.

Colm is an avid practitioner of Somatic Movement himself and also enjoys Strength and Conditioning work. He believes it is important to apply the freedom of movement you gain from Somatics to an activity you enjoy doing, whatever that may be. He feels that good movement quality is the very cornerstone of a healthy, pain free life.

He is available for Private Hands On Clinical Somatic Lessons, Private or Group Movement Classes and Somatic Movement Workshops.

Rachael Jordan: nutritional therapist and herbalist

Rachael came from a world of art and photography but was always drawn to the natural health field. When circumstances changed at home in 2010 she was needed to care for a family member so she took this as an opportunity to change her career path and study natural medicine from home with an accredited American College, Kingdom College of Natural Health. She came top of her class and gained a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition. Rachael had her clinical training with the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health over the course of a year and is a member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland Association. She continued studies in Herbal Medicine and has incorporated this into her practice since January 2016. She studied Herbal Medicine with Colaiste Luibheanna in Co. Cork and completed 500 hours of clinical training. She is a member of the Irish Register of Herbalists. Rachael has a real passion for natural and healthy living and believes wholeheartedly in the power of nature and the real healing ability of plants & the foods we eat and believes that by eating the right diet and living more in tune with our natural rhythms that we enhance our body’s natural healing abilities.

Rachael has worked with people with many different issues but in particular she has worked a lot with people with Eating Disorders, Hormonal Imbalances, Depression, Fertility & Pregnancy, Skin issues, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Weight loss and Digestive disorders like IBS. She also offers food intolerance testing which can be a great insight for people and can help to pin point what particular foods have been causing disharmony in the homeostasis of their body. She also offers Herbal Detox Programmes.

You can find out more about Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine, food intolerance testing & Detox Programmes on Rachael’s website or contact Rachael directly on 0851345938 or e-mail

Like her on facebook for lots of health tips & meal ideas:

linda culleton: Meditation instructor, Kundalini & special needs yoga teacher

Linda is a Kundalini Yoga, Special Needs Yoga Teacher and Meditation Instructor and her passion is promoting positive Mental Wellbeing. She specialises in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety using specific breathing techniques to overcome these issues. She currently runs therapy programs for OCD and anxiety. She has featured on many radio stations to promote awareness of mental Wellbeing and she offers group classes. one to one consultations and corporate sessions. She is currently studying Neurobiology, Mental Health and Meditation.

Testimonial from 12 week OCD program:
"I heard Linda discuss her condition on the radio and was amazed to hear somebody with exactly the same problems I have suffered from for the past 40 years. I thought I was the only person in the world with such bizarre intrusive thoughts and was surprised to hear she had used a yoga breathing technique to heal herself.  I contacted her and have attended her classes. After a short time of regular practice I noticed a significant improvement in my condition. I found that some of the   techniques brought an almost instant relief to the anxiety and played a major role in helping me get a good nights sleep which was a problem for me previously. As a result of daily practice of these techniques my OCD has completely disappeared. I have found the support of a group with similar problems to be a very cathartic and also helpful to know you are not alone with this problem. I would hightly recommend these classes."  Niall

To contact Linda please email: , call: 0870629703 or see her Facebook page:  

Helen Flaherty, Reflexologist


Hello my name is Helen Flaherty. In 2015 I returned home to Ireland after spending six and a half years working as a lay missionary in Zambia (Africa). It was now time for me to fill my own vessel so to speak.  After some searching I was drawn to study Reflexology with the Irish School of Reflexology.  I needed to be brought into balance and Reflexology answered that need. During the 14 months of my training I learnt that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every gland, organ and parts of the body. Working on the reflexes in the feet has been used for many thousands of years.  Eunice Ingham was the first person to research and develop foot reflexology as it is known to-day. What does Reflexology do? Reflexology relieves stress and tension. It improves blood and nerve supply. It helps to restore and maintain the equilibrium of the body. Having qualified as a Reflexologist I love working with peoples feet and seeing and hearing first hand the benefits of this very beautiful and holistic therapy.

For a free consultation call Helen @ 0851455618