Katarzyna is Enthusiastic Citizen of Planet Earth. You will immediately feel her positive energy as she spreads her love for life through her inner happiness and peace. She inspires others to cultivate positive attitude by observing thoughts, guiding our emotions and becoming the best version of ourselves. To make a change in our world, we first start with ourselves. As we start with ourselves, we inspire others by our own example. 

By accepting constant changes and appreciating present moment, she learns how life can be beautiful and wonderful journey despite of all the difficulties, which are nothing but the lessons from which we learn the most.  

She started her journey with yoga at very young age. She became qualified yoga and pilates teacher in her early twenties and she continues to follow never ending story of learning, exploring and developing herself by gaining education in holistic therapies, psychology, ancient philosophy, natural medicine and neuroscience. 

She is empowering Yoga teacher of various styles, from which Vinyasa is her favourite as she experiences in it very powerful flow of Prana and reconnection with Kundalini life force. After her class you will feel empowered and at the same time deeply relaxed as Katarzyna pays great attention to mindfulness, meditation, pranayama and relaxation techniques. She believes that everything starts first with our thoughts.

She loves nature and promotes healthy life style by following diet full in greens which she tries to grow on her own. She really loves life on Earth and all it has to offer taking part in all outdoor activities like sailing, surfing, hiking and horse riding. All that she experiences is expressed in her paintings and drawings which she plans to exhibit in art galleries.

Katarzyna's teachings are meant to awaken healing power that lies within you. She believes that by bringing balance and creativity to our busy lives, paying attention to the present moment, our emotions, feelings and thoughts we can fully reconnect and transform our life into happier, much easier and more peaceful experience.

She transformed many lives by being there for others in non judgmental, honest and loving way. She realised that when you stop rushing and observe, you can choose wisely your thoughts and emotions and listen to your inner voice. In that moment with big honest smile you can live not there and then, but here and now. 

To contact Katarzyna please email or call: 0871640071

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Linda is a Kundalini Yoga, Special Needs Yoga Teacher and Meditation Instructor and her passion is promoting positive Mental Wellbeing. She specialises in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety using specific breathing techniques to overcome these issues. She currently runs therapy programs for OCD and anxiety. She has featured on many radio stations to promote awareness of mental Wellbeing and she offers group classes. one to one consultations and corporate sessions. She is currently studying Neurobiology, Mental Health and Meditation.

Testimonial from 12 week OCD program:
"I heard Linda discuss her condition on the radio and was amazed to hear somebody with exactly the same problems I have suffered from for the past 40 years. I thought I was the only person in the world with such bizarre intrusive thoughts and was surprised to hear she had used a yoga breathing technique to heal herself.  I contacted her and have attended her classes. After a short time of regular practice I noticed a significant improvement in my condition. I found that some of the   techniques brought an almost instant relief to the anxiety and played a major role in helping me get a good nights sleep which was a problem for me previously. As a result of daily practice of these techniques my OCD has completely disappeared. I have found the support of a group with similar problems to be a very cathartic and also helpful to know you are not alone with this problem. I would hightly recommend these classes."  Niall

To contact Linda please email: , call: 0870629703 or see her Facebook page: 

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Gillian is fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioner & Massage Therapist at Embody Health where she specializes in the area of women's health & wellbeing. 

As well as offering one to one massage and Shiatsu treatments she also holds regular workshops in Baby Massage and labour support for women and their birthing partners. She also facilitates a monthly "Mam to Mam" breastfeeding support group from Community Well which is held the first Friday of every month usually from 11.30am -1pm. Please check the Community Well Facebook page for up tp date information. 

Gillian trained in the U.K. with Suzanne Yates of Wellmother where she completed an advanced Diploma in Shiatsu for Pregnancy, Labour and the Post-Partum Period. The great thing about coming for some postnatal shiatsu/massage care is that you can bring your baby along with you. And if you breastfeed you can feed your baby as she works! Perfect for those early hungry baby days when you need some care the most.

Gillian is also a full member of ARCHTI so depending on your particular health insurance cover and plan you may be entitled to claim back costs for one to one massage and baby massage classes. 

Gillian can be contacted on: 085 129 5707  or by email: