~April Timetable~



6.30pm-7.45pm: Hatha Yoga with Cora (all Mondays except 2nd and 9th April)

8pm-10pm: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (8 week course starts 16th of April)


7pm-8pm: Finding Your Centre - 4week Yoga course for beginners - starts 10th of April

8.15pm-9.30pm: Finding Your Centre - 4week Yoga course - intermediate level - starts 10th of April


6.45pm-8pm: Hatha Yoga with Cora

8.15pm-9.30pm: Mindfulness Meditation drop in class


10am-11am - Chakra Release Tribal Yoga Flow with Elizabetha - 4week course starts 19th of April

6pm-7.15pm - Good Habits vs Bad Habits - Yoga & Meditation 4 week course with Katarzyna starts 5th of April


10am-11am: Baby Massage Course - 4week course ends 6th of April

11.30am-12.30pm: Mam to Mam Meet Up  – every 1st Friday of the month - this month: 6th of April

4pm-5pm: Bravehearts Kids Yoga - 4week course starts 13th of April

7pm-8.15pm: Pregnancy Yoga - 5 week course - new course starts 13th of April


1pm-3pm: Professional Drawing and Painting Art Course with Katarzyna - 8week course starts on the 14th of April


1.30-2.30pm: Family Yoga - Practice for Body and Heart - 22nd of April


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Events include Yoga and Meditation, Mindfulness, Art Workshops, Nutrition and Health.

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